My impression of the Congo was one of fascination and of fear. I was fascinated because the narrative some how bought life to the Congo. It seemed that man was not match for it, like no matter what the river wins. It consumes the life of it travelers, making them give into the wilderness. Changing their whole mind-set, the Congo turned Marlow and Krutz into who it wanted them to be. Even though Marlow tried to fight it, he became of the river just as Krutz did. I can say that I am quite the adventure but to the Congo is not place I would want to go. Everything about the land was wild, even the people. I like how the narrative referred to the river as a snake or even a blanket slat. I’ve learned from previous reading that anything in reference with a snake means dangerous. I guess the fear would come into play with the unknown, not knowing what you would see on this journey. Not know where this journey will take you mentally or physically.