I think people moved away from the idea of Romanticism because it just wasn’t reality. The Romantic periods strayed away from violence and war into a place without flaws and logic. I mean it all would be nice if we all could just get along but that’s just not the case. Romantic period made everything seem right and whole for the greater good, but reality is we don’t live in that type of world.
I think while there are a lot of TV shows out there to watch people still tend to tune into shows that are more relatable to the world in which they live in. One of my favorite shows to watch is “Supernatural” it’s not based on logic but based on the what’s if or the unseen. I believe I like this show because I am an optimistic person. Now the shows about drama I believe people watch them who are full of drama themselves. I believe people watch these shows because they like gossip, because they want someone’s life to be just like theirs. People always tend to say “See they have money and they act just like we do”, and this supposed to justify their actions. I believe people tend to watch shows based on what they are surrounded with in their own life. They watch these shows like cops and ER because they are more realistic than ones dealing with a fantasy world. Life is not pretty and perfect, so in the end people strayed away to something that was more believable.