This story was a little hard for me too read, because I really can’t believe something like this ever could take place. It was like I could place myself their, hearing the cries and streams. I could just imagine what was going through their minds, because they did not know or understand what was happening or going to happen to them. How could someone come up with a plan like this to deceive and destroy people like this. The crazy part about it is that is was well thought out and carried out.

In the story where the man ask, are they good people, shows that not everyone agreed with what they were doing but as it also states in the story, they live on what the others bring. I can’t imagine being in any of those people shoes, and you never can say what you will or won’t do into you are placed in the situation. The people having to sacrifice other people in order to eat and stay alive themselves, or the man being separated from their families the women from their children. The women running away from child to save her own life.

I mean, what would you do being carried off from your home, being crowed on a train, fighting for air and water these things that were once free, to be striped of everything. To have your clothes taking off your back and your name replaced with a number. The things we take for granted. This story put a lot of horrifying images in my head, it made me thing but most of all it made me grateful.