The story Metamorphosis was about change within that entire family, with the most change coming from Gregor and his sister Grete. The main character Greger wakes up to find himself changed into a roach, but he really can’t come to terms with it because he is very much still having human thoughts. He wakes up feeling different and even tho he starts to recognize the change the only thing he can think about is going to work and providing for his family. I believe the transformation happens for Greger when he comes to terms with what he has become. Throughout the story he tries to hold on to who he once was and the things around him that reminded him of that. This sounds all too familiar, because in real life we do this, I do this, heck I am doing it now. We all are scared of change and letting go, but the truth is we have to let go of somethings in order to learn and grow. We sometimes spend too much time on being something that we are not instead of accepting who we are and who we have become, even if its letting go of old friends and trying new thing. I know one of my biggest fears is disappointing other and myself. So I try to be loyal to everyone and sometimes forget about myself.
Grete character starts out this little sweet girl, but throughout the story as she begins on taking on more responsiblity we see her character transform into a beautiful adult. She feed and takes care of Greger, but she is the first to realize what he has become and the strain he has put on the family. Grete realizes that Greger must go and takes a stand, it is in that moment that the father realizes she is not a little girl anymore. The father goes through his changes too, from a lazy slob to a working man. He takes so much pride in his new role as a working man that he sleeps in his uniform. The mother character doesn’t do too much changing just the fact that she too try to hold on to the thought that Greger is still her son, it is when she sees him crawling on the wall that she realizes what he has become.
I believe that we all go through changes. We personally go through changes as we get older and decides to get married and have a family, we take on new roles therefore we go through changes. Change is just a natural part of life. Something we have to embrace because we can’t fight against it. Change can make u a better person or u can let it defeat you, anyways it’s up too you.