I know we all have heard the phrase “The grass ain’t always greener on the other side” at some point in out lives by somebody in our family. It’s funny how this phrase always come back and bites us in our butts, I wish somebody would’ve told it to Missie May or even the other popular phrase “What’s done in the dark will come to the light”. Since this is a story of course there must be a happy ending because we as the readers want to see that. However for the rest of us in the real world reality is this is how we learn our lessons.

Now with this story I really mostly blame Joe because he has a beautiful wife and while he might now have had the gold and the money he still had something that was priceless that he choose to show off. Can we say men and their egos, which still gets them into trouble till this day. Not only did he bring her around the man but he talked about the man so much and put him on a high horse you would have thought he liked him. Temptation gets the best of us but this man bought this woman around something she ain’t never had and took her outta her element, so yes I blame him. Ok I get that she could have said no but she was trying to get that gold coin because it seemed as if it would make her husband happy, because he made it seem that way. In the end as with life we find out the decision we make are not worth the consequences. In the end they were already happy and already rich, in real life ending are not always happy somebody would have died and a divorce would have happen not to mention another single mother floating around out there. They had each other and it took this situation to make them stronger. This story not only showed us true love but also loyalty in a sense and devotion along with patience. Even tho Missie May figured her husband didn’t love her anymore she still was patient with him and the cold shoulder he was giving her, she was happy to be doing thing for him, that he even still wanted her around. Missie May was devoted to her marriage and getting back in good grace with her husband. I liked the way the story ended, I think we as readers wanted to be a happy ending. It made us believe in true love and in things that are good. I enjoyed reading this story.