Over the river and through the woods……..

My impression of the Congo was one of fascination and of fear. I was fascinated because the narrative some how bought life to the Congo. It seemed that man was not match for it, like no matter what the river wins. It consumes the life of it travelers, making them give into the wilderness. Changing their whole mind-set, the Congo turned Marlow and Krutz into who it wanted them to be. Even though Marlow tried to fight it, he became of the river just as Krutz did. I can say that I am quite the adventure but to the Congo is not place I would want to go. Everything about the land was wild, even the people. I like how the narrative referred to the river as a snake or even a blanket slat. I’ve learned from previous reading that anything in reference with a snake means dangerous. I guess the fear would come into play with the unknown, not knowing what you would see on this journey. Not know where this journey will take you mentally or physically.


Native woman….

I think the native woman represents the Congo. I think that she is the symbol of life that represents all that the Congo is. She is beauty of the land and her garment represents the riches of the land. Even though there is beauty in the land, it still is a very dangerous place. This women also represents that danger too. The text says that she was savage and wild-eyed, she was the wild, the mysteriousness of the land.  She is a women of power and strength, she is a symbol that represents  civilization. I am so glad we went over this in class. I was a little lost on just how she fit into the story. I wouldn’t have never looked at her character the way I do now, if Mrs. Vance had not went over the native woman.

Do away with it pleeeeesssse!! Like NOW……

The story I could absoulty have done without is The Heart of Darkness.  Not because it’s not good but because it is really long and drawn out. Plus with the amount of stuff that we had to do this last week of class, it just seemed to be too much. I feel that maybe if it was one of the first stories we would have read it would have been ok. At this point in class I am tired of reading and very much glad that this is all over. What has grabbed my attention about this story is that it does have a deeper meaning to it just as in “The death of Ivan Ilyich”. This story makes you think about  humanity of people and even yourself.

My Favorite Piece of Literature……

My favorite piece of literature from this class would have to be “The Death of Ivan Ilyich”. I’ve learned so much from the other works but this one stood out to me the most. This story was amazing to me because although this was written so long ago, we can still find characters like this in our own lives and even in yourself. This story made me reflect on my own morals and values as well as analyzing the company in which I keep. I could put myself in Ivan’s shoes. I too got caught up in keeping up the end crowed. I too have been surround by people who only hung out with me because of how I looked or what they thought I had. I too have played the selfish role of the other characters and only thought about my feelings and how I would come out of a situation. I love that the author Leo Tolstoy makes his readers reflect on their own life through his writing.

So Not Reality……..

I think people moved away from the idea of Romanticism because it just wasn’t reality. The Romantic periods strayed away from violence and war into a place without flaws and logic. I mean it all would be nice if we all could just get along but that’s just not the case. Romantic period made everything seem right and whole for the greater good, but reality is we don’t live in that type of world.
I think while there are a lot of TV shows out there to watch people still tend to tune into shows that are more relatable to the world in which they live in. One of my favorite shows to watch is “Supernatural” it’s not based on logic but based on the what’s if or the unseen. I believe I like this show because I am an optimistic person. Now the shows about drama I believe people watch them who are full of drama themselves. I believe people watch these shows because they like gossip, because they want someone’s life to be just like theirs. People always tend to say “See they have money and they act just like we do”, and this supposed to justify their actions. I believe people tend to watch shows based on what they are surrounded with in their own life. They watch these shows like cops and ER because they are more realistic than ones dealing with a fantasy world. Life is not pretty and perfect, so in the end people strayed away to something that was more believable.

Meaning to My Life….

Two movies really touch my heart because I could relate to them in so many ways are Sweet November and A Walk to Remember. Sweet November was a movie about a women who had cancer and she would not date anyone past 30 days. She did this so that she nor them would fall in love nor get attached. She also didn’t want to put them through the ups and downs or her sickness. I too was the same way when I found out I had cancer, I wouldn’t let anyone get close to me because I seen how the treatments tore my first boyfriend up and I forced myself to breakup with him. It’s a hard pill for someone with cancer going through the treatments to swallow but to watch the people you love worry to is an awful feeling as well. A Walk to Remember was about a girl who feel in love with a boy but fail to tell him that she had  Lupus because she didn’t want he to look at her any different. I too have found myself in these shoes not only with dating but just making friends. Sure I want to hangout and party but in the back of my mind I know that I am different and it doesn’t take much for me to be sick, but I don’t want them too view me differently. With dating I don’t want to run them away, we all know that guys run under pressure. I just want people to see me for me and not see the illness.


This story was a little hard for me too read, because I really can’t believe something like this ever could take place. It was like I could place myself their, hearing the cries and streams. I could just imagine what was going through their minds, because they did not know or understand what was happening or going to happen to them. How could someone come up with a plan like this to deceive and destroy people like this. The crazy part about it is that is was well thought out and carried out.

In the story where the man ask, are they good people, shows that not everyone agreed with what they were doing but as it also states in the story, they live on what the others bring. I can’t imagine being in any of those people shoes, and you never can say what you will or won’t do into you are placed in the situation. The people having to sacrifice other people in order to eat and stay alive themselves, or the man being separated from their families the women from their children. The women running away from child to save her own life.

I mean, what would you do being carried off from your home, being crowed on a train, fighting for air and water these things that were once free, to be striped of everything. To have your clothes taking off your back and your name replaced with a number. The things we take for granted. This story put a lot of horrifying images in my head, it made me thing but most of all it made me grateful.


Do I Even Want To Know……

I can admit that I really don’t know much about the Nazi concentration camps of World War II, I thought it was something separate for the Holocaust. I do know that a bunch of Jews; women, children and men, were killed for no reason at all. From what I remember seeing and hearing from grade school it was horrifying, something that you just can’t imagine happening. I guess you get some wrapped up in the history of your own race that you forget others have history too. When I do think about the Nazi concentration camps I can’t help but compare it to slavery, and I don’t know which is worst or that they could even be compared. All I do know is that innocent blood was shed and for what? We haven’t changed as people, in fact we take our freedom for granted. Innocent blood is still being shed today. Kinda makes you go into a deep thought……life….history….where would we be without it….ummmm

Change Must Come…..

The story Metamorphosis was about change within that entire family, with the most change coming from Gregor and his sister Grete. The main character Greger wakes up to find himself changed into a roach, but he really can’t come to terms with it because he is very much still having human thoughts. He wakes up feeling different and even tho he starts to recognize the change the only thing he can think about is going to work and providing for his family. I believe the transformation happens for Greger when he comes to terms with what he has become. Throughout the story he tries to hold on to who he once was and the things around him that reminded him of that. This sounds all too familiar, because in real life we do this, I do this, heck I am doing it now. We all are scared of change and letting go, but the truth is we have to let go of somethings in order to learn and grow. We sometimes spend too much time on being something that we are not instead of accepting who we are and who we have become, even if its letting go of old friends and trying new thing. I know one of my biggest fears is disappointing other and myself. So I try to be loyal to everyone and sometimes forget about myself.
Grete character starts out this little sweet girl, but throughout the story as she begins on taking on more responsiblity we see her character transform into a beautiful adult. She feed and takes care of Greger, but she is the first to realize what he has become and the strain he has put on the family. Grete realizes that Greger must go and takes a stand, it is in that moment that the father realizes she is not a little girl anymore. The father goes through his changes too, from a lazy slob to a working man. He takes so much pride in his new role as a working man that he sleeps in his uniform. The mother character doesn’t do too much changing just the fact that she too try to hold on to the thought that Greger is still her son, it is when she sees him crawling on the wall that she realizes what he has become.
I believe that we all go through changes. We personally go through changes as we get older and decides to get married and have a family, we take on new roles therefore we go through changes. Change is just a natural part of life. Something we have to embrace because we can’t fight against it. Change can make u a better person or u can let it defeat you, anyways it’s up too you.

The grass is not always greener on the other side……

I know we all have heard the phrase “The grass ain’t always greener on the other side” at some point in out lives by somebody in our family. It’s funny how this phrase always come back and bites us in our butts, I wish somebody would’ve told it to Missie May or even the other popular phrase “What’s done in the dark will come to the light”. Since this is a story of course there must be a happy ending because we as the readers want to see that. However for the rest of us in the real world reality is this is how we learn our lessons.

Now with this story I really mostly blame Joe because he has a beautiful wife and while he might now have had the gold and the money he still had something that was priceless that he choose to show off. Can we say men and their egos, which still gets them into trouble till this day. Not only did he bring her around the man but he talked about the man so much and put him on a high horse you would have thought he liked him. Temptation gets the best of us but this man bought this woman around something she ain’t never had and took her outta her element, so yes I blame him. Ok I get that she could have said no but she was trying to get that gold coin because it seemed as if it would make her husband happy, because he made it seem that way. In the end as with life we find out the decision we make are not worth the consequences. In the end they were already happy and already rich, in real life ending are not always happy somebody would have died and a divorce would have happen not to mention another single mother floating around out there. They had each other and it took this situation to make them stronger. This story not only showed us true love but also loyalty in a sense and devotion along with patience. Even tho Missie May figured her husband didn’t love her anymore she still was patient with him and the cold shoulder he was giving her, she was happy to be doing thing for him, that he even still wanted her around. Missie May was devoted to her marriage and getting back in good grace with her husband. I liked the way the story ended, I think we as readers wanted to be a happy ending. It made us believe in true love and in things that are good. I enjoyed reading this story.